Toby, 9 years old - Adopted!

What is iFoster?

Toby is very soft and loves to sit on your lap or lay on the sofa with you.  With people Toby will do anything to get your loving.  He's very good at sitting on your lap or laying next to you.  He does not jump on your legs for attention or nibble on your fingers - he would be good around children.  

Toby has gotten along really well with the pugs in his foster home, including playing along with a pug's rough play and snuggling with them.  He doesn't seem to be bothered by animals on TV, but will bark when other dogs bark in the house.  He loves to sleep in bed with humans if allowed - he will sleep all night directly on you if you let him.  His foster parent’s have let Toby sleep in bed and had him sleep in his crate - like most pugs he prefers the bed, but if you put him in his crate with a kong and a little PB you won't hear a peep.  During the day he generally sleeps on the sofa with the other dogs, but if we're not around we crate him because he likes to try to get at things on the counter in the kitchen.

Toby had a large bladder stone when he came into the rescue.  He had it surgically removed.  Since his surgery, he has shown more affection and playfulness each day.  Toby is house broken and wanders to the door when he needs to go.  He is currently on medication to prevent urine leakage.  Since being on the medication, he no longer leaks urine and can sleep through the night.  Toby will need a forever family that will help him prevent the reoccurrence of bladder stones.  He is on prescription food and should be checked periodically to make sure no stones are forming.  If they are, they can be "flushed" from his system.  We certainly don't want him to need surgery again.

Toby hasn't shown signs of aggression over food or toys, only growling in jest when playing and never over food. His favorite toys seem to the be the soft toys.  Toby got all his vaccines updated and had a dental cleaning with some extractions.

Toby is ready to meet potential families.  Please apply if you are interested in Toby.

Adoption fee: $200.00 MN Sales Tax: $13.75

Sales tax is applied to adoption fees in compliance with Minnesota state law regarding animal rescue organizations.

Total Adoption fee: $213.75

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